"Terror Tales"

Over the last four years this particular page asked people to send in an "essay" with a minimum of 100 words. The essay should be about your own experiences with night terrors. It should be as detailed as possible. The following information should be included somewhere in your essay:

  1. How long you have had night terrors.
  2. How you were diagnosed with night terrors.
  3. What happens in your night terrors.
  4. How you feel about and cope with your night terrors

Well after four years and thousands of submissions I am no longer requesting any more essays. One thing I did find was that most people who sent in an essay felt much better by putting it down in writing. As a result I will continue reading submissions but wont guarantee they will be placed online. I am currently looking at publishing the submissions as part of a book that I have been working on. If you don't want it published don't send it in!

Send your submissions to ntcontest@nightterrors.org with the subject line of "NT contest". Any sent elsewhere or without the correct subject line will be ignored.
This e-mail address is for submissions only!

Please include the following information as well. Name, Age, Sex and let me know if I can print your first name with the essay.

All submissions become the property of the Night Terrors Resource Center with the understanding that it may be published on the Internet or in book format. The Night Terror Resource Center will not use any submissions in an inappropriate manner.

So here are some of the submissions sent over the years. I will group them by age below.


on behalf of child
my own