Sleep Stages

Remember night terrors happen in stage 4 (highlighted)

Stage Bodily Activity Depth Of Sleep Thought Process Miscellaneous
Slows down, decreased muscle tension Borderline wakefulness Relaxation, mind wanders, awareness dulls Heart rate, pulse, temperature and blood pressure slightly diminished.

Eyes roll slowly on falling asleep, eyes quiescent in later stage 1 periods. Body movements slowed. Light sleep, easily awakened, might deny being asleep if awakened. Drifting thoughts and floating sensation. Temperature, heart rate, pulse decline further. Regular breathing. May have hypnogogic hallucinations on falling asleep.

Eyes quiet. Few body movements. Snoring is common. Light to moderate sleep. Relatively easy to awaken. Eyes will not see if open. Some thought fragments, memory processes diminished, may
describe vague dream if awakened
Decreased heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, temperature and metabolic rate, regular breathing with increased airway resistance.

Occasional movement, eyes quiescent. Deep Sleep, takes louder sounds to be awakened. Rarely able to remember thoughts. A few vaguely formed dreams. Possible memory consolidation. Metabolic rate, pulse, heart rate, blood pressure and temperature decrease further. Increased secretion of growth hormones.

Occasional movement, eyes quiet. Deepest sleep, very difficult to awaken. Virtually oblivious, very poor recall of thoughts if awoken possibly involved in memory consolidation. Continued decline in heart rate, temperature and metabolic rates. Increased secretion of growth hormone. (possibly to restore bodily tissues)

Large muscles paralyzed. Fingers toes and facial muscles twitch. Erections, snoring uncommon. Variable. If sound is incorporated into dream, then harder to awake. 80 percent dreaming, good vivid dream recall, especially later in the evening. Possibly involved in unconscious conflict resolution. Heart rate 5 percent greater than above stages. Pulse, temperature and metabolic rates increase. Irregular breathing one-half extra breath per minute.

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