Personal Questions

  • Who are you?

    My name is David W. Richards born 1970 in Palm Springs California. I have lived all over the United States and currently live in Connecticut working as the Director of Information Technologies for a large town. So, I am obviously not a doctor. I do not have any formal training in sleep disorders, however I have been researching night terrors since 1985. This site was started in March, 1996 as a result of my research. I have received help in my research from various physicians that specialize in sleep disorders in the US and Canada. Since this site was started, it has been featured in Magazine and Newspaper articles as well as shown on local news and the Discovery Channel.

  • Why do you do this?

    My motives for this site are simple, I want people to know they aren't alone and I want to provide a resource for people to come to and get the medical answers they need. I was tired of all of the "quacks" telling people that they must have been abused, or that they are not religious enough or satan was behind it all.

    I am not looking to make money from this site, if anything I have spent thousands of dollars on maintenance, hosting and HTML programs.

  • You say you aren't trying to make money but I see ads on each page. Why?

    I have had a paypal donate link on the site for three years and only three people have ever bothered to make a contribution. I am trying ads to see if it will help defray the cost of running this site.