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Links to Sleep Related Sites and other misc. information

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  • EDS

    (Excessive Daytime Sleepiness) Information Site.

  • Phantom Sleep Page

    Jerry Halberstadt, author of the book "Phantom of the Night" on sleep apnea, has info on snoring and other sleep problems as well

  • Quietsleep

    dental practice dedicated to the recognition and non-invasive treatment of snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

  • The Sleep Home Pages

    Bisleep Provides a comprehensive resource for individuals who are involved in the research or treatment of sleep) -- Can provide in depth information on various topics in sleep, suggested for the "advanced" sleep seeker.

  • Sleep Medicine Home Page

    Lists resources regarding all aspects of sleep

  • SleepNet

    All you wanted to know about sleep but were too tired to ask -- The Sandman continues to add new and exciting things such as The SnoozePaper and ratings of various sleep sites and informational tidbits.

  • Sleep, Dreams and Wakefulness

    Michel Jouvet's page that include dozens of complete articles describing the mechanisms of sleep and dreams. In English and French.

  • Lucidity

    Just go there and check it out..

  • Sleep/Wake Disorders Canada

    A national voluntary organization dedicated to helping people suffering from sleep/wake disorders. (temporarily down)

  • JAMA

    The Journal of the American Medical Association

  • BMJ

    The British Medical Journal

  • Hypericum (St. John's Wort) & Depression Home Page

    The most information you will ever find in one place about St Johns Wort.

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